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Elaine applies extraordinary customer service, constant communication, and a hard work ethic to the mortgage process. Elaine and her team are a full-service mortgage broker well equipped to handle your business impeccably from start to finish while providing a raised standard that clients have come to appreciate.


About Swan Financial Home Loans

NMLS# 2473

Elaine works from her home in Nassau County, Florida. She has a team of experts providing the foundation of her knowledge and expertise through Swan Financial Home Loans, located in Louisville, KY.

Swan Financial Home Loans (previously, Swan Financial Corporation) has been providing home loan services for over 20 years to home buyers in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Virginia, Connecticut, and Maryland.

Elaine is licensed in Florida and Georgia; however, she is able to refer exceptional loan officers in all states Swan Financial Home Loans serves across the US.


Swan Financial Home Loans 

320 Whittington Parkway
Suite 106
Louisville, KY 40222

(502) 753-1300


About My Mentor: Cindy Yates

NMLS# 986527

Cindy Yates has over 15 years of mortgage loan experience. Living in Louisville, KY and a military veteran. She transitioned from the structure of military life into the role of providing access to home buyers throughout Kentucky, and may be involved in your home loan process.

As Elaine’s mentor, Cindy has provided invaluable knowledge and experience to mold Elaine into the successful home loan mortgage broker she has become. Elaine looks forward to providing the same excellence to your home loan process.

As a broker, working with multiple lenders allows Elaine to find the best mortgage option on the market. Cindy has top industry knowledge regarding the best interest rates and up to date access on all things mortgages. She is also a licensed broker for the state of Florida, and may assist Elaine throughout your home loan mortgage process.


(502) 510-8388

About my Processing Team

With certain lenders, Elaine processes loans herself. With more diverse loans, Elaine has the backing of TanLane Mortgage Services.

TanLane Mortgage Services

NMLS #991240

Phone (502) 265-4110

Fax (502) 805-0667

You can be confident knowing you are in great hands when closing time arrives!


helping You Find A Successful Route to your home goals

Amid her specialties are second home financing, condo financing and assisting first time homebuyers. She enjoys educating customers to ensure they take advantage of the best financing options, including down payment assistance programs and other existing incentives. Elaine also offers an in-depth financial understanding of the details of self-employment income and credit score polishing.

Elaine’s special care has created lasting relationships that go above and beyond the mortgage process with much of her business generated through referrals from clients and professional partners. Elaine has been in the mortgage business since 2015. She previously worked for and was trained in customer service by The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company. She is truly committed to providing the best experience possible for both clients and referral partners.

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